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This site has been set up to eliminate rekeying errors and to keep an electronic archive of all orders you send in.


Changes to previous slip:

  1. The 3 'Keep fields' check boxes at the top of (respectively) Global options, special instructions, and title.
  2. The title box:
    The Title text area now contains tags for standard Able/z39/Alink fields, if you choose to use them. See entering Titles below.
  3. The top row of navigation buttons.

Keep Fields
These are to keep the specific fields in their sections as defined below at the same setting(s) for the next piece that you have entered for the current piece, after you submit the current piece. This does not apply to the editing of pieces you have already submitted.

  1. Keep Fields at Global Settings:
    All current settings you entered are retained. If this is not set the next new piece will use the settings from your customer profile and will retain only the Cover Color
  2. Keep Instructions:
    Carries instructions over to the next item.
  3. Keep Title:
    Carries title over to the next item.

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Typical Operation
If you do not make mistakes or wish to review items as you go (see Navigation) below. The typical sequence to submit is below

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Use your browser's print button or File menu -> print cmd.
This will print a single sheet with your filled in information to a single sheet on most printers using IE and Navigators default Font size settings.
If form prints to 2 sheets you have a choice of 3 fixes.

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Navigation Buttons:

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The title text field includes tags needed by the ABLE bindery software, using them is the best way to ensure against errors.
Best not to type in ALL UPPERCASE; follow the typical English class rules for writing titles. Stamped titles are always printed in uppercase. It is best not to sacrifice legibility to unneeded ALL CAPS typing.
Type the appropriate data in between the tags. You are free to move them and retype them as long as the data appears between a matching set. You may erase unused tags if you wish to remove clutter from the printed slips.
If using the tags you may use a '\' (backslash) for a line break.
You can type any information in between the tags listed below, they need not match the field definitions but are merely sequential placeholders for lettering.
e.g., <A>subtitle</A>

Field Definitions:
<T></T> is for title
<A></A> is for author
<ED></ED> is for edition
<V></V> is for volume
<M></M> is for month
<Y></Y> is for year
<P></P> is for pages, in case of splitting a volume
<CALL></CALL> is for call number

Private ID:
Is found at the bottom left of the slip. This field has a relation to the tags.
If your items have a Private ID code you wish Acme to use as a cd label or as a title key type it here. However if you have a call number but the 'Private ID' is left blank then we will use the Call Number as the items private ID.

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Title Examples:

All of these title 'styles' will download directly to Acme's software. Each 'style' will produce the same cover stamping as the others. As you can see the opening tag and the closing tag must bracket the lettering. More complex Periodical Examples are below the Monograph examples.

Monograph Example Monograph ExampleMonograph Example
Periodical Example Periodical Example Periodical Example
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